Let me to be the person to say the Emperor has no clothes.

I do not think that in the event of abrupt climate change that mankind will have the available resources to impliment a solution like seeding sulfur into the upper atmosphere, or launch sun shades into orbit.

First, I suggest anyone reading this look up the phrase "rapid climate change" or "abrupt climate change" in google. It is unintuitive that climate change is not gradual or linear. Outside of the scientific community it is a little known fact that when forced, the climate historically changes from one stable state to another abruptly.

Second, I suggest a person interested in learning would happen if the climate suddenly changed from the mild climate we've enjoyed for the last ten thousand years called the Holocene, to a hotter dryer climate that has been responsible for mass extinctions in the past, learn about past civilians that have suffered relatively mild droughts during the Holocene.

It is difficult to imagine, because people now are so removed from where their food comes from, and from the heat of summer. Supermarkets and air conditioners. In the event of an abrupt climate change, there will be difficulty growing food, and producing enough energy to keep everyone cool.

Third, if industrialized countries are whinning about their economy hurting my the small gradual cuts in greenhouse gas emission, imagine how they would react if they knew the large fast cuts they would have to make to avoid aburpt climate change.

Worse, think of their reaction if had to do that while suffering from a suddenly hotter dryer climate. Their economy would already be in a depression. Their energy needs would soar trying to run all those air conditioners.

Finally, imagine countries that are at each other's throats over resources trying to cooperate over a program that would cost trillions of dollars, and take years to impliment. I highly doubt that the world will prepare to pollute the upper atmosphere with sulfur, or shoot millions of shades into space, before the crisis hits. The IPCC calls it a low probability event-I beg to differ, but who listens to us global warming alarmists??

Yeah, the world is having big trouble just agreeing on rather painless small gradual cuts in emission. I doubt a climate crisis will make it any easier to reach a much more difficult agreement. Forget about it. It will be every man for himself. Every country for itself, with any resources used for crisis managment.