At least more people are paying attention to Global warming these days.

And we do still have a vote...we just vote with our dollars instead of the ballot. Notice there are more organic choices in the supermarkets smile People ARE buying the low voltage light bulbs and asking about hybrid cars and better mileage.

The gas prices rising will end up helping the common person to curb their oil addiction. My state is raising electric costs 50 to 75% this year. If we survive we'll be better for it.

Are these steps the beginning of turning things around??? Or too little too late..that I'm waiting to see.

You know how every so often our Christian Radio Stations focus on particular do we get them to start playing the environment card? There's gotta be some good passages in the Bible that support the environment? And peace, for that matter. That would be really cool, if one of the heads of American Christianity started trumpeting for world peace. Yeah, I'd really like to see that. If those two issues could become core conservative issues, family values, that would be nice.