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we've known how to complicate things for 10000 years, but the kiss principle is not nearly that old. it will take some time and dedicated effort to change.
You really think so Dehammer?

Look at the way we are shaping the world...

Example - we are currently seeing a massive transfer of power away from governments (where at least people have a fighting chance with their vote) to huge impersonal corporations that make self centred decisions based entirely upon profit.

See Amaranth's link to see just how wise and benevolent corporations are (not breaking news for you, I'm sure):


I wish I could be as positive as you but I'm sitting in a Country that appears to be sinking into the mire:

ONE in ten teenage schoolboys has carried some kind of gun in the past year, according to the largest study on the impact of Britain?s firearms culture on urban youth.



- 11-12 year olds carrying knives last year
: 10%

- 15-17 year olds admitting to carrying knives for self defence
: 46%

- Pupils in London Schools carrying knives
: 29%

- Excluded Pupils carrying knives
: 62%

- 16 year old boys admitting attacking someone with a knife - intent on causing serious injury
: 1 in 5


I could sit here all night pointing out the negative trends in the UK. If we can't even treat each other properly then why imagine we can expend the time and energy to save this planet from ruin?

We should do everything we can - but I'm just not confident we will get there.