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Down syndrome may be reversible

Scientists say they have identified a compound that dramatically bolsters learning and memory when given to mice with a Down syndrome-like condition. Given on the day of birth, the single-dose treatment appears to enable the cerebellum of the rodents’ brains to grow to a normal size. Reporting their findings in Science Translational Medicine, the scientists […]

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Scientists block aggression

Pathological rage can be blocked in mice by shutting down a specific receptor in the brain, report University of Southern California researchers who believe the finding could lead to new treatments for aggression and hostile overreactions to stress. The study, appearing in the Journal of Neuroscience, explains how the researchers identified a critical neurological factor […]

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Cancer drug reverses Alzheimer’s

In a discovery the researchers describe as “unprecedented,” a cancer drug (bexarotene) already approved by the FDA has been shown to quickly reverse the pathological, cognitive and memory deficits caused by the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Although only demonstrated in mice, the researchers believe the findings are compelling enough to warrant a speedy transition to […]

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Peptide Cocktail Stops Bleeding In Seconds

Researchers from MIT and Hong Kong University have shown that certain liquids composed of peptides (protein fragments) can stop bleeding in wounded rodents within seconds; a finding the researchers said could significantly impact procedures for wound treatment and surgery. Importantly, unlike some other agents, the new liquid does not appear to induce an immune response. […]

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