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Software scans family photos to diagnose rare disorders

Software that scans and analyzes family snapshots could help doctors diagnose which rare genetic disorder a child is suffering from, say Oxford University researchers. Reporting on their work in the journal eLife, the developers say the program recognizes facial features in photographs; looks for similarities with facial structures for various conditions, such as Down’s syndrome, […]

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Tourette’s Sufferers Enjoy Superior Grammar Skills

Children with Tourette’s syndrome are much quicker at certain mental grammar skills than are children without the disorder, suggests a new study by researchers from the Georgetown University Medical Center. “These children were particularly fast, as well as largely accurate, in certain language tasks. This tells us that their cognitive processing may be altered in […]

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Doctors Identify Potential Cause Of SIDS

Researchers from the Children’s Hospital Boston say they have the strongest evidence yet that sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is not a “mystery” disease, and in fact has a concrete biological basis. Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the study documented abnormalities in the brainstem of babies who died from SIDS. Past […]

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