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Are cancers newly evolved species?

UC Berkeley molecular biologists propose that carcinogenesis – the generation of cancer – is just another form of speciation, the evolution of new species. “Cancer is comparable to a bacterial level of complexity, but still autonomous, that is, it doesn’t depend on other cells for survival; it doesn’t follow orders like other cells in the […]

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Beetles reveal ecological speciation in action

Tiny leaf beetles that flit among the maple and willow trees in Vermont are providing scientists with some of the clearest evidence yet that environmental factors play a major role in the formation of new species. Vanderbilt University researcher Daniel Funk has been studying this odd group of leaf beetles (which resemble unappetizing caterpillar pellets) […]

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X Chromosome: The Evolutionary Smoking Gun

University of Rochester scientists believe they have confirmed a controversial theory that the X chromosome (the female chromosome) is a strikingly powerful force in the origin of new species. The role of the X chromosome in speciation has been a contentious topic for years. Now, in a new study in the journal PLoS Biology, Rochester’s […]

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