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Ocean currents explain rainfall riddle

Most of the rain on Earth falls in the Northern Hemisphere and scientists have long believed that this was a quirk of the planet’s geometry, but a new University of Washington study shows that this rainfall pattern arises from a much simpler system. “It rains more in the Northern Hemisphere because it’s warmer,” said atmosphere […]

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Climatologists estimate extreme rainfall events in tropics

Thunderstorm complexes, flood-inducing monsoonsand wide-sweeping cyclones will all become more likely in the tropics; suggest MIT projections that show 10 percent heavier rainfall extremes for every 1 degree Celsius rise in temperature. The new estimates, appearing in the journal Nature Geoscience, are based on model simulations and decades of observations. Most of the possible consequences […]

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Fine-particle air pollution causing more severe storms

Climatologists say that aerosols (fine-particle air pollution) in the atmosphere dramatically affect cloud development to reduce precipitation in dry regions while increasing the severity of storms. Aerosols come from the combustion of fossil fuels, industrial and agricultural processes, and the accidental or deliberate burning of fields and forests. The University of Maryland-led team of researchers […]

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