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Predator-prey relationships a key driver in nature’s synchronicity

Synchronicity in nature is seen in beating hearts and the simultaneous rise and fall of populations across vast reaches. Now, scientists from Yale University and the University of Calgary have identified that predator-prey interactions are the “conductors” of this synchronicity in living organisms. “Change these interactions and you can suffer disastrous consequences to these systems,” […]

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Squirrels Use Snake Eau de Cologne

Animal behaviorists have observed California ground squirrels and rock squirrels chewing up rattlesnake skin and smearing it on their fur to mask their scent from predators. Reporting their observations in the journal Animal Behavior, the researchers noted that adult female squirrels and juveniles apply snake scent more often than adult males, which are less vulnerable […]

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Pregnant Moose Cozy Up To Traffic

Roads and motor vehicles aren’t generally thought of as beneficial to forest critters. But when it’s time for moose to give birth in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, they head to where it is safest from predators – namely closer to people. At least, that’s according to a new study by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Published […]

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