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Solar power’s dirty secret: skyrocketing lead pollution

Solar power has a dark side. In developing countries with less robust electrical grids, solar power is heavily reliant on traditional lead batteries for local electrical storage and a new paper suggests widespread lead pollution may be a side-effect. The paper’s author, University of Tennessee environmental engineer Chris Cherry, says there is the potential to […]

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Biologically inspired, ultra-broadband chip could enable “cognitive” radio

Inspired by nature, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers have designed and built a fast, ultra-broadband, low-power radio chip that could enable wireless devices capable of receiving cell phone, Internet, radio and television signals. Associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, Rahul Sarpeshkar (left), and graduate student, Soumyajit Mandal, designed the chip to mimic […]

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Shocking Results From Urine Tests

For researchers pioneering new diagnostic methods, the race is on to design ever smaller biochips that can test for a variety of diseases at once, give instant results, and most importantly, be mass produced cheaply. One of the stumbling blocks up until now has been finding an electrical power source as small and cheap to […]

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