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Researchers show off next generation cloaking device

Duke University engineers have produced a new type of cloaking device which is significantly more sophisticated at cloaking in a broad range of frequencies. The latest advance was made possible by the development of a new series of algorithms to guide the design and fabrication of exotic composite materials known as metamaterials. [Pictured is researcher […]

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First Light For Binocular Telescope

The Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) on Mount Graham, in Arizona, has captured images using its twin primary mirrors together for the first time, achieving first “binocular” light. First binocular light is a milestone not only for the LBT – now the world’s most powerful telescope – but for astronomy itself, say the international group of […]

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All Living Things Descended From Two Bacteria

All living plants and animals are likely derived from two primitive species of bacteria, a mathematics professor at the University of Alberta has shown. Dr. Peter Antonelli and Dr. Solange Rutz used an original mathematical modeling system and software program to evaluate and compare the two main theories of biological evolution. One theory, put forward […]

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