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Motion capture for everyone, anywhere, anytime

Current motion capture techniques use cameras to meticulously record the movements of actors inside studios, enabling those movements to be mapped onto digital models. Now, a new system which places the cameras on the actors themselves permits motion capture to occur almost anywhere. The scientists at Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University who developed the […]

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Motion Important For Viable Stem Cells

New research from the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University suggests that embryonic stem cells may develop much better under shaky conditions. The researchers discovered that moderate and controlled physical movement of embryonic stem cells in fluid environments, similar to the shaking that occurs in the womb, improves their development. The study, published in […]

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Brownian Motion Used To Power Molecular Motor

New research, cited in Nature Materials and announced at the BA Festival of Science, could have far reaching implications in the fields of nano-scale science and engineering. Chemist David Leigh and colleagues from Edinburgh University have achieved a breakthrough in harnessing the natural random movement of molecules known as Brownian motion. Brownian motion is familiar […]

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