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More evidence for asteroids creating life on Earth

All life on Earth uses “left-handed” amino acids to build proteins and NASA has now found that a greater number of asteroids were capable of creating these left-handed amino acids than previously thought. In March 2009, researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center reported the discovery ofan excess of the left-handed form of the amino […]

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Camera network plots meteorite landings

Researchers have discovered an unusual kind of meteorite in the Western Australian desert and thanks to an experimental camera network, were able to uncover exactly where in the solar system it came from. Meteorites can provide valuable information about the conditions that existed when the early solar system was being formed. However, information about where […]

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DNA Precursors In Meteorite Confirmed As Extraterrestrial

Panspermia, the theory that life on Earth may have evolved from simple bacteria that arrived via meteorite is still a hotly debated topic amongst astrobiologists, but an important new discovery indicates that the basic building blocks of life – known as nucleobases – may be a far more likely extraterrestrial contender for kick-starting life on […]

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