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Mercury levels in herbal teas surprise scientists

A new study from the University of Bristol (UK) suggests that fish accounts for only seven percent of mercury levels in the human body, while herbal teas appear to be a significant, previously unrecognized, contributor. The negative effects of mercury on fetal development have been well documented and led to official warnings against eating too […]

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New evidence for water and organics on Mercury

Scientists say data transmitted by the Messenger spacecraft provide compelling support for the notion that Mercury harbors abundant water ice and other frozen volatile materials in its permanently shadowed polar craters. Given its proximity to the Sun, the existence of frozen water is counter-intuitive, but the tilt of Mercury’s rotational axis is almost zero, meaning […]

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Forget The Thermometer, The Mercury Really Is Rising

The wide range of detrimental flow-on effects triggered by climate change continues to surprise scientists. An article in the latest issue ofGeophysical Research Letters reveals how climate change appears to be contributing to the release of high levels of mercury in the northern wetlands of North America. The new report was compiled by Michigan State […]

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