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Inch-long fleas tormented dinosaurs

Ten times bigger than their modern cousins, prehistoric flea fossils unearthed by Chinese scientists reveal a proboscis like a hypodermic needle. The new discovery is detailed in the journal Current Biology. “These were insects much larger than modern fleas and from the size of their proboscis we can tell they would have been mean,” said […]

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New Understanding Of Insect Olfactory Mechanism

The tree of life may need to be redrawn, say researchers from Rockefeller University and the University of Tokyo who have joined forces to reveal that insects have adopted a strategy to detect odors that is radically different from those of other organisms – an unexpected and controversial finding. Researchers had always assumed that all […]

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Gravity Equations Useful In Modeling Earthbound Phenomena

According to researchers from Penn State University and the University of Virginia, the spread of diseases by insects can be described by equations like those used to describe the force of gravity between planetary objects. The researchers explained that insects tend to transmit diseases in the course of feeding on plants, and their movement between […]

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