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Giant vortex at Saturn’s north pole finally revealed

The Cassini spacecraft has provided scientists with the first close-up views of a massive hurricane-like vortex swirling around Saturn’s north pole. The vortex – about 20 times larger than the average hurricane on Earth – spins inside a large, mysterious, six-sided weather pattern which astronomers call “the hexagon.” “We did a double take when we […]

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Tropical storms may be triggering earthquakes

University of Miami scientist Shimon Wdowinski (pictured) says that earthquakes – including the recent seismic events in Haiti and Taiwan – may be triggered by severe tropical storms (cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons). Wdowinski is presenting his, er, groundbreaking study at the 2011 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, in San Francisco. “Very wet rain events are […]

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