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Study identifies recipe for Goldilocks quantum phase transitions

University of Miami researchers have found that crossing a quantum phase transition at just-the-right speed generates the richest, most complex light-matter entanglement – a characteristic evident in our Universe. Such structure resembles “defects” in an otherwise smooth and empty space. The findings are published in Physical Review A, the American Physical Society’s main journal. “Our […]

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Mysterious “action at a distance” between liquids may be commonplace

Back in 2010, researchers found that superfluid helium reservoirs stored in separate containers could behave collectively. Now, a new theoretical model reveals that the phenomenon of mysterious “action at a distance” between fluid reservoirs is much more common than previously thought. The original discovery, made by a team from the University at Buffalo and the […]

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First direct evidence supporting cosmic inflation

Scientists announced today that they have successfully measured a B-mode polarization signal in the Universe’s cosmic microwave background (CMB). The signal, detected using a telescope at the South Pole, represents an important confirmation of the theory of cosmic inflation and provides insights into how the Universe may have behaved in the first fractions of a […]

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Quasars at opposite ends of the Universe could close a loophole in quantum mechanics

Physicists have proposed an experiment that may close the last major loophole of Bell’s inequality – a 50-year-old theorem that, if violated by experiments, would mean that our Universe is based not on the laws of classical physics, but on the probabilities of quantum mechanics. In 1964, physicist John Bell took on this seeming disparity […]

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