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Dark matter observations: missed it by that much

A theory which endows dark matter particles with a rare type of electromagnetism has been strengthened by a detailed analysis performed by a pair of physicists at Vanderbilt University. Professor Robert Scherrer and post-doctoral fellow Chiu Man Ho propose that dark matter, an invisible form of matter that makes up 85 percent of the all […]

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Nomad planets seeding life throughout the universe?

According to new calculations, planets adrift in space without a “home” solar system are abundant in the universe and scientists have proposed that these nomad planets might not only sustain life, but transport it as well. The theory stems from a study published in theMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society that proposed an upper […]

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Galactic Cluster Collision Sheds Light On Dark Matter

The invisible substance known as dark matter is thought to provide the additional gravitational force that stops galaxies from flying apart. Although astronomers don’t know what dark matter is made of, they hypothesize that it is a type of elementary particle that pervades the universe. Despite its profound effects throughout the universe, tracing and observing […]

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Dark Matter Takes Shape With New Map

The latest issue of Astrophysical Journal carries news of new “dark matter maps” of two young galaxies created by astrophysicists at Johns Hopkins University. Although scientists can measure the effects of invisible dark matter, its exact nature continues to be elusive. Past attempts to map dark matter in detail with ground-based telescopes have been fruitless. […]

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Physicists Propose Search For Dark Energy

Seven years ago, two research groups turned the field of cosmology on its head with their announcements that the expansion of the universe was accelerating. Their theories were based on the red-shift of light from distant supernovae, and their findings suggested that the expansion of the universe was actually accelerating, not decelerating. The mysterious force […]

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