Uploaded in 2011

Im moving up north to avoid all the hot weather in our
not so distant future.

Perhaps I will move up into Canada where it will be cooler.

all this hot weather here in the deep south of the U.S.
is getting the best of me , so Im about ready
to give up the fight , and its a fight , its a real fight.

even the alligators are having a really hard time of it
these poor alligators pictured below have even tried to freeze
themselves in pools of water in a futile attempt
to avoid the really hot temperatures in the deep south
of the U.S. caused by all the CO2 that men made.

in Florida the lizards are falling off trees because the heat
due to the CO2 has melted the bark on the trees so they slip off
and are temporarily knocked out as they impact with the ground.

theres not much that a climate change denier wont try in their
ongoing conspiracy to deny the obvious global warming as can be
seen in the below picture of a truck with a snow plow mounted on
its front ( as if they need snow plows in Florida ... )

its quite evident that the plow was photo shopped in a attempt
to make it appear as if it snowed in Florida in 2018.


more climate change denier photo shop trickery
a picture of a police vehicle in Escambia County Florida

every one should know by now that a CO2 fire extinguisher extinguishes
a fire because the CO2 is so HOT ( fight fire .... with fire )

I just cant understand why these climate change deniers cant
see the truth and the logic behind the actual global warming facts
that 97% of the scientist in the world have agreed on , its just
so obvious.


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3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.