You see this is where we are heading , if someone discovers
something about someone else in another country that would make
an important group member from the other country look bad then
they can have their friends cut off that someones internet connection.

the U.S. government contacted the government of Ecuador and did just that.

I'm certainly not going to say that it was right to hack into her
private illegal email server and steal the emails that were residing
on her private illegal email server.

her email server became an illegal email server as soon as it
was used to transmit and receive documents from and to the
office of the secretary of state.

she of all people should have known that you cant erase emails from
a hard drive on a computer , she should have known this because she
held the office of secretary of state of the United States Government.

by using her private server to house official Secretary of State
documents she may have placed many people in jeopardy and many
confidential operations may have been compromised by her actions.

she may as well have been posting these documents to facebook , twitter and all of the popular social networks.

all of that is in the past , I personally cannot believe that this
private server was allowed to exist past the first attempt of a
email transmission even if she was the Secretary of State , this
clearly shows how lax our government has become in its use of
and its trust in computers to transmit confidential documents between interested parties.

she should have known better and probably did but could not find
a reason why it would be illegal to do so.

I place the fault of her ability to house Secretary of State
documents on her private email server in the hands of the Secret

that should be fixed so that another agency that is not so up close and personal can ensure that this type of breach never occurs again.

that said as far as her emails are concerned in my opinion they were
illegally taken from the server and are her property so she has a
right to pursue legal actions against Assange.

if these documents were housed in a official Secretary of State
email server then it would be the responsibility of the U.S.
government to take legal action against Assange if he is the
one who took them.

but the documents were not housed in an official Secretary of State
email server they were housed in a private server like anyone can
legally own and operate and that is the reason why these emails
were taken.

as for the U.S. government's request to Equador that Assange's internet be disconnected that action I can fully understand if
they believe or have probable cause to understand that any future
release of her emails might contain information that could threaten
the security of the United States as a nation.

but not to protect clinton as a person.

and certainly not to protect her as a candidate of the Office
of the President of the United States.

that said , it is my opinion that the U.S. government did request
that Assange's internet be disconnected to protect her as
a favored candidate.

but thats just me and my thoughts on the matter and Im not even
sure that anyone else on the internet can read what I write anymore
since the U.N. was given the power to censor the internet.

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