Imagine the worlds largest telescope, with a
30-meter primary mirror sitting on top of
Hawaii's dormant volcanoe, able to produce images many times sharper than the Hubble Space Telescope,
and to magnify them to the theoretical diffraction limit.

Work on the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT),
named for its 30-meter primary mirror, is
three times the diameter of the largest
existing telescopes—is scheduled to begin in April 2014.

It will be able to photograph a small image
in the sky at 2,000 different wavelengths simultaneously.
Or, photograph 10,000 adjacent images
in a fixed portion of the sky.

"Exploring the universe at this unprecedented resolution and sensitivity
means we will be surprised by what we find.
It will allow us to conduct chemical analysis of the surfaces
of Solar systems that are millions of miles away,
and analyse the surfaces of Moons like Titan and Europa, and even possible life bearing Planets.

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