Has anyone else read this remarkable book? I think it qualifies as SF- but I'm not sure.

It tells the story of a father and his son (about 10 years of age) walking through America after an apocalyptic event has caused a deep nuclear winter about !0 years previously. We never discover what happened to cause the terrible conditions under which the few surviving humans live, only that in spite of reaching the sea and a place where there used to be magnolias growing it is still freezing, sunless and without hope.

It's a fairly bleak book, but what I found intruiging was the fact that many people are able to find a hopeful ending in what I found at best a truly ambiguous fate for the survivors!

I have also been interested in the response of those people who find a religious thread throughout the story. I thought it was rather the opposite. There is certainly no obvious religious dogma in it.

So do I recommend this book? Yes -ish! It is fairly depressing and some of the situations are horrific, but it is a really horrific subject. It is certainly a book that encourages thinking about its subject matter and I can't get its bleak imagery out of my mind. I think quite a few of the people who post here would find it an interesting read.