The two words about IDEA.
Letís take 2 rolling abodies on a track a Thin Ring and a Solid Disk, with same mass and velocity.
Are they have a difference? Yes. Kinetic Energy. On these conditions the Thin Ring has more kinetic energy than the Solid Disk has.
Why? Because the rolling bodies full kinetic energy counts moment of inertia. Physics smile Everybody knows.

Letís take a curve part of track. Would those rolling bodies gains different momentum to the track from centripetal force? NO. Because these rolling bodies have same mass and velocity.

Letís take a straight part of track. Inelastic rolling bodies are running without slippery.
Would those rolling bodies gains different momentum to the track from Rolling Resistance?
YES. Because these rolling bodies have a different moments of inertia.
Why? Because, the Rolling Resistance is not a sliding friction. Under own weight the rolling bodies make a little cavity on the track and always hikes to this cavity edge. The rolling bodies are loosing a kinetic energy from that movement, but kinetic energy for the Thin Ring and Solid Disk with same conditions is different.

Therefore, if construct an Isolated System with specific track, which has a curve and straight parts. The Isolated System will get a strange behavior.
From one site, a law of momentums conservation must work.
But from other site, a momentum from a Centripetal Force wonít compensate a momentum from a Rolling Resistance, on the Isolated System with Thin Ring.
Paradox smile
Please take a look.