Banks not only Bust but Busted and Untrusted.
But the sooner it is realised that we still need them, the better.
Just why do we need them?
After all, simplistically, just who is going to hold the large amounts of money required to keep a countrys infra-structure afloat.
Who will lend out the moneys for business to pay for the imports and exports. To pay and keep the ships, planes and trains
running. Pay for generated power, manufactured materials, foods, clothes, shoes.
Money for pensioners, the unemployed, Hospital services, the list is endless.

So we have got to have Banks, hav'nt we?
We can't fall back on a Barter system, there are far too many millions of us for Bartering to work.

So, if you agree with Banks, Who should own them?
Goverments, or Big Business?
Since its Goverments that make the final decisions as to how much money is put into circulation, prehaps only Goverments should own the the Banks.

But thats Nationalisation, that means no more interest, either for people or Companys. Not a good incentive for either to use the Banks.

Banking is a strange system, charging low interest rates, when times are bad.
Tends to force industry to drop their prices, in the hope the public will buy?
But the public dont have any money to buy, due to unemployment. Why buy? Why not wait, since you expect the prices to drop still further? Deflation=Stagnation.

But if the Goverment puts and prints money into circulation, thats Inflation.
Our money becomes worthless in the eyes of the rest of the world, Our trade drops drastically, no one wants worthless money. Zimbarbeway has proved lesson for all with its 2 million
percent inflation.

But, I have had an idea...Hmmmm (another crank?) crazy
Let the Goverments of all countrys start printing money !
And actually hand it out to people, FOR FREE.
According to this rough and (very) basic idea.

ALL those that are OUT of work, are handed out 1/10th of their countrys average wage !
Those still in work, are handed out 1/24th of their countrys average wage !
With the proviso,....that all this Free money HAS to be spent within 4 months !!
After that....this new free money becomes worthless!

Boy Oh Boy, would you see an upturn in trade !! Industry will start manufacturing again.
The financial wheels will start turning again, goods will become available again, as industry moves to fill up the shelves.
Everybody far more happy than before, all buying goods.
And to ensure industrys wheels keep the following 4 month period, a wise Goverment will give out less free money than before, ensuring that Inflation is controlled, and so on.

Always handing out less and less money for prehaps longer and longer periods before it becomes worthless.
Eventually everything settles-down, and the real money that everyone has been hoarding, gets used again, for now the Banks and industry have regained confidence in everyones eyes.

Now you cant tell me THAT would'nt set the wheels of industry turning again, quickly ?
But if you can, lets have your comment here


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