I really didn't want to do this but I will.

1) Literal 2006 interpretation of the King James version as defined by American Southern Baptists
2) 2006 Interpretation of the Roman Catholic Church
3) Interpretation of the Roman Catholic Church at the time of the Codex Amiatinus
4) Interpretation of the Roman Catholic Church at the time of the Latin Vulgate
5) 2006 Interpretation of the Torah as defined by the Orthodox Jewish authorities in Jerusalem
6) 2006 Interpretation by an Reform Jewish Rabbi in Edina, Minnesota
7 ... 50,000) Interpretations by every sect of every extant religion on the planet including Scientology
50,001) Evolution as defined at Wikipedia on 30 August, 2006

It is a crock. If it isn't evolution as defined by PhD researchers working in the field it is just semantic nonsense perpetrated or perpetuated by the ill-educated or the religious zealot.

Just as there is no astronomy except as practiced by astronomers, no skiing except as practiced by skiers. Evolution is defined by those that work in the field.

I don't see churches trying to tell seismologists that their models are wrong. What makes them think they are more knowledgeable about genetics?

That was a purely rhetorical question so please don't respond.
DA Morgan