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A bad boss can cripple your immune system

A stressful workplace can dramatically change gene expression in our immune system and significantly impact our health, say Ohio State University scientists in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Study co-author John Sheridan said that although the mind-body health connection is well established, the inner workings of that association are still not […]

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Selective memory erasure achieved

Working with rodents, scientists have been able to selectively and safely remove both new and old memories by using a protein critical to brain cell communication. “While memories are great teachers and obviously crucial for survival and adaptation, selectively removing incapacitating memories, such as traumatic war memories or an unwanted fear, could help many people […]

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Anti-obesity drugs may be effective against HIV, flu

Viruses dramatically increase cellular metabolism, and existing anti-obesity drugs may represent a new way to block these metabolic changes and inhibit viral infection, say University of Rochester researchers. This new field of research, known as metabolomics, is based on understanding and exploiting the reactions by which living things break down nutrients to produce energy, along […]

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Anti-Aging Finding Turned On Its Head

It’s been well established with previous research that an extra copy of the SIR2 gene can promote longevity in yeast, worms and fruit flies. But a counterintuitive experiment that deleted the gene entirely has resulted in one of the longest recorded life-span extensions in any organism. The new study, by scientists at the University of […]

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