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Depth-of-field irrelevant with omni-focus camera

The University of Toronto has announced what it says is a breakthrough development in video camera design. Based on an entirely new distance-mapping principle, the omni-focus lensing system delivers automatic real-time focus of both near and far field images, simultaneously, in high resolution. “The intensity of a point source decays with the inverse square of […]

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Appendix redux

Long-regarded as a useless evolutionary artifact, the appendix won newfound respect two years ago when Duke University Medical Center researchers found that it acts as a safe haven where good bacteria can stay until they were needed to repopulate the gut (after a bout of diarrhea, for example). Now, the same researchers are reporting back […]

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Germans getting horny over natural disasters

With the end of the Cold War, the extensive warning siren networks in German cities were dismantled, replaced by the satellite-based warning system SatWaS, which informs the population via radio and television of impending disasters. But German researchers concerned that citizens may have their TV and radio switched off have now applied for a technology […]

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Stem Cells May Prove Hard To Tame

Researchers have discovered a regulatory mechanism that enables frog embryos to develop normally even after being split in half (as in the development of identical twins). The findings, appearing in the journalCell, may have implications for current research into stem cell therapies as stem cells develop in a similar fashion, attempting to differentiate into embryos […]

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