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Iconic sexual selection study “fatally flawed”

A classic study from more than 60 years ago that suggested males are more promiscuous and females more choosy in selecting mates has informed and influenced evolutionary biology for decades, but a modern day repeat of the experiment indicates the original work may have been fatally flawed. The new work calls into question many of […]

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Masculinity trumps intelligence for ovulating women

How human sexual selection evolved over time is becoming clearer with new findings from the University of Colorado at Boulder showing that women in their fertile phase are more likely to fantasize about masculine-looking men and that a man’s intelligence has no effect on a female’s choice of partner. The researchers say this lack of […]

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Beauty in the eye of the beholder? Only for women

Hot or not? Men agree on the answer but women don’t. So says a new study from Wake Forest University psychologists that found there is much more consensus among men about whom they find attractive than there is among women. “Men agree a lot more about who they find attractive and unattractive than women agree […]

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Dating Tip 102: Cut yourself shaving

According to new research from the University of Liverpool, facial scars indicate high levels of testosterone and that means that men with facial scars are more attractive to women seeking short-term relationships. Researcher Rob Burriss speculates that facial scarring likely indicates health and bravery to women. Interestingly, the researchers found that women preferred men with […]

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Size Of Genitalia Dependent On Need To Fight

Indiana University researchers examining male horned beetles (Onthophagus Taurus) from four geographically separated populations say the groups have diverged significantly in the size of the male genitalia, and natural selection operating on the other end of the animal – the fighting horns atop the beetles’ heads (pictured) – seems to be driving it much more […]

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