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Lack Of A McShrinky Makes Therapy Unappealing

Television’s portrayal of psychological counselors as either buffoons or unethical clods makes people less willing to seek professional mental health services, suggests a new study by three Iowa State University psychologists. In the latestJournal of Clinical Psychology they contend that shows like Frasier, Tell Me You Love Me and In Treatment can lead to lower […]

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Obesity Could Bankrupt UK Health System

English doctors say that if nothing is done, the rising prevalence of obesity could bankrupt the country’s health system. The warning, published in the British Medical Journal, comes on the heels of new statistics that reveal well over half the United Kingdom’s population is overweight and more than one in five adults is obese. The […]

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Bacteria Hysteria In The Supermarket

‘ Horror stories of harmful bacteria living on surfaces in public places are the bread-and-butter of scare-mongering television, but is there any scientific evidence to support the claim that these invisible microbes can do us serious harm? Well, yes and no. According to a recent study, conducted by the Korean Consumer Protection Board, which examined […]

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