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New research suggests smartphone use associated with lowered intelligence

New University of Waterloo research that examined people’s smartphone habits as well as their analytical, verbal, and numeracy skills found an association between heavy smartphone use and lowered intelligence. The three studies, appearing in the journalComputers in Human Behavior, suggest that having convenience at our fingertips is making it easy for us to avoid thinking […]

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Largest ever self-organizing swarm of robots created

Harvard computer scientists have demonstrated how a self-organizing swarm of 1,024 small robots can collaborate to enact complex behaviors. According to lead developer Radhika Nagpal, the small, simple robots (named “Kilobots”) represent a significant milestone in the development of collective artificial intelligence. The three-legged Kilobots and their swarming behaviors are detailed in the latest issue […]

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Bonobos Put One Over Chimps

Chimpanzees and bonobos are both close cousins to humans, but it’s usually been thought that chimps outdo bonobos in the intelligence stakes. While chimps have been observed hunting cooperatively and using tools to gather food, the poor old bonobos have mainly been noted for their enthusiastic and diverse sexual behaviors. But thanks to their free-loving […]

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