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Population growth makes wildlife conservation pointless, concludes new report

A growing human population will inevitably crowd out mammals and birds and has the potential to threaten hundreds of species with extinction within 40 years, new research from Ohio State University indicates. The findings are detailed in the journal Human Ecology. The scientists behind the study have determined that the average growing nation should expect […]

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Scientists tip 2025 for possible planetary collapse

Based on an evaluation of more than 1,000 previous studies, a new meta-review by an international group of 18 scientists suggests the Earth is perilously close to a tipping point where resource consumption, ecosystem degradation,climate change, biodiversity loss and population growth will trigger massive changes in the biosphere. “The last tipping point in Earth’s history […]

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Shift work should carry health warnings, say medicos

The strong correlation between shift work, obesity and type 2 diabetes has led health experts to call for the poor diet of shift workers to be considered a new occupational health hazard. The recommendations appear in an editorial in the journal PLoS Medicine. Shift work is notoriously linked to poor patterns of eating, exacerbated by […]

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Social networking maps infectious marsupial cancer

A new study into the socializing habits of Tasmanian devils has produced an intricate social network map of devil relationships, revealing how the unique infectious cancer known as devil facial tumor disease (DFTD) spreads through a population. The researchers, writing in Ecology Letters, say the study is critical for understanding the disease’s dynamics and for […]

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