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Menopause – it’s a guy thing

After decades of trying to shoehorn menopause into a variety of evolutionary contexts that never seemed to add up, a team of Canadian scientists from McMaster University has concluded that what really causes menopause in women is men. Lead researcher on the new study, evolutionary geneticist Rama Singh, says that until now, no one has […]

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Men enjoy dirt-eating as much as pregnant women, Harvard study finds

Harvard scientists say that pica (the eating of non-food items) is far more prevalent in Madagascar than previously thought and men are partaking as often as pregnant women. In the new study, Harvard’s Christopher Golden and colleagues from Madagascar Health and Environmental Research surveyed 760 people in the northeastern corner of the island nation and […]

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Oxytocin has “blockbuster potential” as lifestyle drug

A case report in The Journal of Sexual Medicinedetails how “significant, broad-spectrum improvements in sexual function” were apparent in a male subject after intranasal oxytocin use, leading the researchers to ponder the mass market potential of oxytocin as a lifestyle drug for men. The hormone oxytocin, sometimes referred to as the “cuddle hormone” or “love […]

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Experiments reveal aggression to be a “manhood-restoring tactic”

Manhood is difficult to earn and easy to lose; suggest experiments by University of South Florida psychologists that also showed aggression as the preferred way for men to hold onto this precarious status. “Gender is social,” explained researcher Jennifer K. Bosson in the journal Current Directions in Psychological Science. “Men know this. They are powerfully […]

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Men fueling plastic surgery boom

Statistics released this week by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that more men are going under the knife to try and preserve their youthful looks. While cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in men were up only 2 percent overall in 2010, many individual procedures increased significantly. Facelifts for men rose 14 percent in […]

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