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Mind-reading through the eyes

Scientists say they may be able to glean information about stored memories and past events by tracking a subject’s eye movements, even when the subject is unable – or unwilling – to describe what they remember. The research, appearing in the journal Neuron, shows the relationship between activity in the hippocampus, eye movements, and both […]

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Short-term memory observed in 30-week-old fetuses

In a new study from the Netherlands, scientists have found evidence of short-term memory in fetuses at 30 weeks. The study, appearing in the journal Child Development, provides insights into fetal development and may help address and prevent abnormalities in offspring. The scientists, from Maastricht University Medical Centre and the University Medical Centre St. Radboud, […]

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Cooking Up Memories

Tel-Aviv University researchers have shown that it’s possible to store multiple rudimentary memories in an artificial culture of live neurons. While recording information in a man-made network of neurons may sound distinctly Borg-ish, the work will be of benefit to neurologists who want to better understand how our brains learn and store information. The study, […]

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We Can Forget It For You Wholesale

Researchers from State University New York Downstate Medical Center have discovered a molecular mechanism that appears to be responsible for maintaining long-term memories in the brain. Writing in Science magazine, they explained how they inhibited the molecule and thereby erased long-term memories; in much the same way as a computer disc might be erased. Interestingly, […]

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Memory And Computation Set For Cohabitation

Scientists from Princeton University have turned semiconductors into magnets, potentially opening the door for computer chips that can both calculate and store data. Traditionally, computers have used two different kinds of technology to calculate results and store data. While semiconductor chips do the calculating, data storage has generally been accomplished with magnetic materials used within […]

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A Computer In A Single Neuron

Conventional wisdom holds that a single brain cell, or neuron, acts like an on-off switch, working in concert with other neurons to generate thought patterns. But how does the human brain translate varied and even abstract visual images into a single instantly and consistently recognizable concept? A research team from UCLA and California Institute of […]

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Mechanical Memory Set For Comeback

A Boston University research team led by physicist Pritiraj Mohanty has updated a retro technology in a bid to build better, faster data storage systems for today’s computers. Mohanty has carved tiny switches out of silicon, fabricating mechanical switches that are thousands of times smaller than a human hair. When put through their paces as […]

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