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Naturally quantum critical material identified

In what researchers are calling a “dream system,” an exotic new superconductor based on the element ytterbium appears to exist in aquantum critical state naturally; a highly desirable property that could have profound implications for the manufacture of superconductors and electronics. In a paper published in the journal Science, the University of Tokyo and Rutgers […]

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Novel material could revolutionize electronics

Physicists at the Department of Energy’s (DOE) SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University have confirmed the existence of an exotic type of material that could provide dramatically faster, more efficient computer chips. Recently-predicted and now confirmed, bismuth telluride allows electrons on its surface to travel with no loss of energy at room temperatures and […]

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Smallest Transistor Created With Graphene

University of Manchester researchers have used the world’s thinnest material, graphene, to create the world’s smallest transistor, one atom thick and ten atoms wide. Reporting their work in Science, Dr Kostya Novoselov and Professor Andre Geim show that graphene can be carved into tiny electronic circuits with individual transistors having a size not much larger […]

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