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Testosterone enhances desire to sing, but not song quality

Scientists listening to the effects of testosterone on birdsong say their findings have broad implications for understanding how steroid use in humans affects sexual behaviors and how hormones regulate the different components of speech in humans. Their research is detailed in the journalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For the male canary, the ability […]

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Adolescent boys aspire to be average

An intriguing study that looked at male adolescence and body image found a prevailing view among boys that the pursuit of a chiseled body was unnatural and feminine, and that most boys simply wanted an “average” physique. The study was conducted by researchers from Concordia University and the University of Manitoba and published in the […]

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Promiscuous Females Make For Competitive Sperm

Howard Hughes Medical Institute researchers have shown that when females are more promiscuous, male genes have to work harder. They determined that a protein controlling semen viscosity evolves more rapidly in primate species with promiscuous females than in monogamous species. The research – published in Nature Genetics – demonstrates that sexual competition among males is […]

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