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Cephalopods: Nature’s camouflaging masters

When I was watching Finding Dory last weekend, one character caught my eye: Hank the octopus (or septopus—you will understand this reference when you see the movie). Throughout the movie, Hank uses his ability to blend into his surroundings, a skill that is very useful for Dory’s plan to reunite with her parents. Many cephalopods—which […]

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Jupiter pummeled

Something slammed into Jupiter over the weekend, creating a massive bruise that was picked up by amateur Australian astronomer Anthony Wesley. Now, University of California astronomer Paul Kalas has used the Keck II telescope in Hawaii to better capture an image of the moon-sized blemish. The near infrared image shows a bright spot in Jupiter’s […]

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Tempel’s Spectra Indicate Organic Compounds And Water

The detailed analysis of the spectral data from Deep Impact’s collision with the comet Tempel 1 is now starting to pay dividends. “Prior to our Deep Impact experiment, scientists had a lot of questions and untested ideas about the structure and composition of the nucleus, or solid body of a comet, but we had almost […]

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New Infrared Cosmos Scan Underway

An ambitious new astronomical program is about to start searching the skies looking for some of the most remote and dimmest objects in the Universe. The newly developed United Kingdom Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) is said to be able to reach at least twenty times deeper than the largest existing survey conducted at this […]

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