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The Great Escape

A mechanism for how information might escape from a black hole has been proposed by a team of physicists at Penn State who say that if quantum gravity is considered, then space-time becomes much larger and there is room for information to reappear in the distant future on the other side of what was first […]

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More Of The Same From The Net

While Internet search results do bring up a variety of useful materials, researchers from the University of New South Wales in Australia have found that people pay more attention to information that matches their pre-existing beliefs and prejudices. “Even if people read the right material, they are stubborn to changing their views,” said one of […]

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Tongue-Vision Allows The Blind To Lap-Up The Sights

A device that sits in a blind person’s mouth and allows them to see with their tongue has been developed by neuropsychologist Maurice Ptito of Université de Montréal. In just the first few minutes of use, a subject is able to build up a fairly clear picture of alphabetic characters placed in various positions and […]

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