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HIV non-progressors have super-charged T cells

A new study shows that individuals with the HLA B57 gene produce larger numbers of T cells that are cross-reactive, meaning they can attack HIV mutations that arise to escape activated killer T cells. Known as non-progressors, a small number of people exposed to the HIV virus progress very slowly to AIDS and some never […]

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Novel method to induce immunity to chlamydia

Researchers at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) at UCLA and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA have designed a unique method for inducing immunity toChlamydia trachomatis. The findings could accelerate progress toward the development of a vaccine against chlamydia infections, which can lead to reproductive dysfunction. Their study, which describes the first use […]

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Breakthrough In Restoring Compromised Immune Systems

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have found a way to revive immunity in mice that have abnormal or deficient immune systems. The discovery may lead to a means of restoring immunity to individuals with immunodeficiency diseases such as AIDS and cancer. The research involves an existing therapy which means application may be possible in the […]

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