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Binary star has multiple orbiting planets

Astronomers have found the first multi-planet solar system orbiting a binary star (artist’s impression appears right). Importantly, the discovery shows that planetary systems can form and survive even in the chaotic environment around a binary star. The system, known as Kepler-47, is roughly 5000 light-years away. The discovery was detailed this week at the International […]

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No shortage of neo-Earths

One of astronomy’s current goals is to determine the number of sun-like stars that have an earth-like planet. Now, a new guesstimate from the University of California – Berkeley published in Science puts that number at a very high 1-in-4. To arrive at the 1-in-4 figure, UC Berkeley astronomers Andrew Howard and Geoffrey Marcy chose […]

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Plenty Of Earth-Like Planets Out There, Say Astronomers

Terrestrial planets might form around many, if not most, of the nearby sun-like stars in the disk of our galaxy, believe University of Arizona astronomers. Revealing the findings to attendees at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, team leader Michael Meyer said that at least 20 percent, and possibly […]

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Giant Parasol To Help Image Distant Planets

Astronomers could soon be using a gigantic space-parasol to block out starlight that interferes with the view of planets in other solar systems. The daisy-shaped space shield could be used in conjunction with an orbiting telescope to get clear images of the more than 175 planets that have been discovered orbiting other stars, say the […]

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