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Revealed! The elegant physics of cat lapping

The gravity-defying grace and exquisite balance of our feline friends extends to the way they lap-up their milk; which MIT, Virginia Tech and Princeton University engineers have found is a perfect balance between two physical forces. Reporting their findings in the journal Science, the researchers explain that when cats lap, they extend their tongues straight […]

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Appendix redux

Long-regarded as a useless evolutionary artifact, the appendix won newfound respect two years ago when Duke University Medical Center researchers found that it acts as a safe haven where good bacteria can stay until they were needed to repopulate the gut (after a bout of diarrhea, for example). Now, the same researchers are reporting back […]

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Water Disinfection Leads To Toxic Tapwater

A newly discovered disinfection byproduct (DBP) found in drinking water treated with chloramines is the most toxic ever found, says a scientist from the University of Illinois who tested the samples. The discovery raises concerns regarding an EPA plan to encourage all U.S. water treatment facilities to change to chlorine alternatives, said Michael J. Plewa, […]

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