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Insect cyborgs get onboard power source

Attaching tiny sensors, recording devices and control mechanisms to insects is now a more realistic prospect after the discovery that electricity can be generated using the insect’s digestive system. The researchers, from Case Western Reserve University, stress that the fuel cell does not depend on movement or light; only on normal insect feeding. Details of […]

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Bacterial “disabler” treatment side-steps antibiotic resistance

It’s not an antibiotic, but it accomplishes the same thing as an antibiotic. A compound that disables bacteria instead of killing them has proven successful in tests against antibiotic resistant bacteria and is currently being examined for commercial use in agricultural pathogen control and human medicine. Discoverer Ching-Hong Yang (pictured), an associate professor of biological […]

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Testosterone A Mixed Blessing For Songbirds

High testosterone levels are something of a mixed blessing for dark-eyed junco songbirds, say researchers from North Dakota State University, writing in the May issue of The American Naturalist. The team’s study found that male birds with extra testosterone were more attractive to females and produced more offspring, but the offspring were smaller and more […]

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Robots Get Social

Robots may be just about to get a life – a social life that is. To help emergency response personnel, a team of researchers from University of Minnesota, the University of Pennsylvania and Caltech is creating software to turn a group of robots into a single well-oiled machine. Led by Nikos Papanikolopoulos, researchers are devising […]

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