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Race Is On For Efficient Organic Solar Cells

With the cost of fossil fuels rising, attention is once again turning to organic solar cells, which can produce electricity much more cheaply than conventional silicon based solar cells. However, organic polymer solar cells have to date been plagued by low efficiency, typically converting the sun’s energy to electricity at levels of around 1 or […]

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Forget Horsepower, Think Cow-Power

Findings presented at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society suggest that some of the micro-organisms found in cow waste could provide a reliable source of electricity. Using cow poo for energy generation isn’t a new idea. Some farmers already use the methane released by livestock waste to generate electrical power. But it requires […]

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Polymer Fuel Cell Breakthrough

The widespread use of fuel cells has, up until now, been hampered by the problem of operating temperature. While ceramic fuel cells demonstrate good efficiency, they operate at around 800 degrees Celsius, way too hot for appliances like cell phones and computers. Polymer fuel cells, on the other hand, operate at much lower temperatures but […]

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