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Cassini tracks equatorial methane rainstorms on Titan

Showers on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, have brought methane rains to its equatorial deserts, as revealed in images captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. The observations, reported inScience, are the first of rain falling on Titan’s surface at low latitudes. The enormous arrow-shaped storm was captured by Cassini’s cameras as it soaked an area the size […]

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Saturn’s Rings Giving Up Some Of Their Secrets

As Cassini beams back a sequence of new images, NASA imaging team members are receiving yet more clues about the formation and structure of Saturn’s G and E rings. The team has confirmed that a bright arc located on the inside edge of the G ring seems to be an established feature, which may be […]

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Strange Spot On Titan Baffles Boffins

Scientists are mystified by images from the spacecraft Cassini that show an unusual bright spot (lower right of pic) on Saturn’s moon Titan. The 483-kilometer-wide spot is just southeast of the bright region called Xanadu and is visible to multiple instruments on the Cassini probe. Scientists believe the area may be a “hot” spot – […]

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