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Reality check for celebrity images proposed

Dartmouth College computer scientists have developed a program to automatically rank photographs based on the amount of retouching the picture has undergone. Use of the system by photo editors and advertisers would, the researchers say, help rein inskyrocketing rates of eating disorders and body dysmorphia. The researchers’ work, reported in theProceedings of the National Academy […]

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Body dysmorphia unimproved by cosmetic surgery

A new study appearing in the Annals of Plastic Surgery has found that while many who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) seek cosmetic procedures, only 2 percent of procedures actually reduced the severity of the psychiatric disorder. Physicians, however, continue to provide requested surgeries to people suffering from the condition despite the likelihood of […]

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Therapy and drugs prove to be effective against body dysmorphia

A new meta-study has found that drug therapy and psychotherapy can effectively treat the condition known as body dysmorphic disorder, where sufferers obsess over exaggerated or imaginary physical defects. Moreover, treatment can bring be long-lasting relief, according to the South African research team. Body dysmorphia sufferers often pursue plastic surgery to change the perceived defect. […]

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