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Nose loses monopoly on sense of smell

In a discovery suggesting that odors may have a far more important role in life than previously supposed, scientists have found that heart, blood, lung, and other areas of the body have the same olfactory receptors for sensing odors that exist in the nose. Lead researcher Peter Schieberle, of the Technical University of Munich, presented […]

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Adolescent boys aspire to be average

An intriguing study that looked at male adolescence and body image found a prevailing view among boys that the pursuit of a chiseled body was unnatural and feminine, and that most boys simply wanted an “average” physique. The study was conducted by researchers from Concordia University and the University of Manitoba and published in the […]

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Biological Cause For Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

A new imaging project from UCLA reveals that the brains of people with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) look normal, but function abnormally when processing visual details. People who suffer from BDD perceive themselves as ugly and disfigured. Individuals with BDD often fixate on an imagined flaw in appearance or a slight physical abnormality. To fix […]

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