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WELCOME Cleary's Den Brocante Vintage, Antiques Home Staging, Decors, Collectibles Because everything is one of a kind! You won't find a rack with 25 of the same item you will buy. Each item is unique and a survivor of time. Each item has its own story, its own life. In a world where big corporation try their best to tell us all what to like, what to wear, what to buy...Vintage means individuality. Terms of Sale Our items are generally in good condition for their age but vintage! I can't stress enough the importance of taking a good look at the pictures and ask questions if you're not sure.If a nik, scratch or wear is shown in the pictures, it means you are aware of it and will love and cherish that item is! ;) I sell a lot of comics but I am nowhere near an expert on grading, condition, etc. They are stored in a smoke free environment but until they came to me, they had a life of their own. I never take them out of their sleeve when I receive them that way. The "one picture thing" is all about saving time for me. You can zoom in and out to look at the corners and the state of the spine. But if you want more pictures or information, don't be shy to ask. I don't have the presumption to call myself a professional comics seller but... I do have some gems in my sleeves! :)I will ship them bag & board. Comics under 12$ will be shipped in a regular envelope (although I am happy to provide a cardboard solid envelope for 1$ extra). Other comics will be shipped in a cardboard solid envelope, no charge. If you have some other request for shipping, don't hesitate to send me a message about it. Why second hand?Environment wisely! We can recycle, we can try to reduce our garbage, we can compost, but the truth is, as long as we will buy new items, they will make more to replace them. For some times now, I try, as much as possible to buy everything I own absolutely anywhere but brand new in store. Clothing, decoration, jewelry, kitchen stuff, etc. Of course the money part can be a factor but the main satisfaction comes from the fact that I didn?t use unnecessary Earth?s resources. Instead, I give a second life to an existing item that could have end up in a landfill. When we buy new, we pollute twice...The new item that will be replaced on the store shelf, and the old, still very functional, item that we could have saved. A little dramatic you would say? Is it really?Vintage, antiques, treasures, unique items...those are my passions since forever. Passion I share with my father who can find absolutely everything! For a couple of years now, I'm working in making this passion a business through and so far it's going well, thanks to you all! Happy offerding!!! :) Shipping Information Do we combine shipping?Hell yeah! Just ask for an invoice in the shopping cart before paying and I will arrange something neat for you! Sometime it could be one dollar or two more if you have many items (most of the time not at all) but it's always based on weight. So jewelry, for example, ship one or ten earrings cost the same thing, right? So go nuts! It's always better to ask for estimates before offerding of course. I'm usually very available to answer your questions. I ship once, sometimes twice a week so your items should arrive fast, according to where you are.Be aware that due to the situation worldwide, it's possible that posting services takes longer than usual. And sometimes not... who can tell...BUT IT WILL ARRIVE!!Stay safe!

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Strangers In Paradise Comic Lot Of 46 picture
Strangers In Paradise Comic Lot Of 46

Death Of Wolverine #4 Cgc 9.8 picture
Death Of Wolverine #4 Cgc 9.8

Ms. Tree #8- Max Collins, Terry Beatty, 1984, Eclipse Comics, Vf picture
Ms. Tree #8- Max Collins, Terry Beatty, 1984, Eclipse Comics, Vf

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