XL Natural Selenite Palm Stone Rock Crystal Healing Reiki Polished Worry Stone For Sale

XL Natural Selenite Palm Stone Rock Crystal Healing Reiki Polished Worry Stone
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XL Natural Selenite Palm Stone Rock Crystal Healing Reiki Polished Worry Stone:

XL Selenite Palm Stone 2.5" APPROX
Selenitecalms, soothes, brings deep peace, tranquility.Selenite isa protective, cleansing stone,protectinga person or space from outside influences,cleansing negative energies.Use Selenite toamplify & enhancepositive energy,from other crystals, the earth or thespiritual realm.

Selenite crystal is a beautiful, angelic connection stone; perfect for protection & cleansing. Selenite is wonderful for theThird Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, enabling the user toattune to their vibratory rate, re-tune their bio-field, raise consciousness to a higher level.
Selenite is a crystalized form of gypsum, used for protection and healing.Meditating with selenite aids inaccess to past & future lives.Selenite crystalspowerful vibrationopens, clears, activatestheupper chakras,especially thecrown chakra. Selenite crystals areexcellent forspiritual work, reiki practices, healing,mediation, angelic protection. UseSelenite crystals forclarity, strengthen memory, clear confusion,reveal the bigger picture.Selenite crystals evokeprotectionfrom theangelic realm,blocks negative energy.Hold or place selenite crystals nearbytoconnectwith one's guides, guardians,higher consciousness.
Physically,selenite crystals areexcellentforremoving unwanted energies,energy blocks,freeingupstagnantorblocked currents. Selenite can evenreverse the negative effects of free radicals,healing & repairing on a cellular level.
Metaphysical properties of selenite are improving intuition,Spiritual Activation,Communion with Higher Self, Connection with Spirit Guides & Angels, Facilitating Auric Cleansing, Activating Upper Chakras, Spiritual Attunement,PhysicallyClear Energy Blocks, Cleansing of all Kinds, Inner Alignment, Chakra Alignment, Physical Healing (Selenite can evenreverse the effects of free radicals) - Healing & Repairing on the Cellular Level.Use selenite crystals forremoving unwanted energies, freeing up stagnant, blocked energy, prefect for clearing & cleansing chakras, bio-field and aura or use in meditation, healingrituals, reiki practices.Selenite crystal is a beautiful angelic connection stone,associated with theThird Eye Chakra & Crown Chakras,selenite facilitates communicationwiththe celestial realm, enabling attunement of vibratory rate, raising consciousness to a higher level.Selenite is a powerful, pure white crystal, used for protection or cleansing;shielding a person or space from outside influences. Placecrystalson topof or near Selenite to cleanse,charge & amplify energy. Use selenite palm stones in crystal grids around your home or corner of a room for a safe, peaceful space.Metaphysically &SpirituallySelenite is wonderful toclear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. Meditation with Selenite is a wonderful stone to meditate with sinceSelenite calms and soothes, bringing a deep peace and sense of tranquility& allows for clearthinking.It also has the ability toamplify & enhancepositive energies, whether it befrom other crystals, the earth or thespiritual realm &can aid in accessing memory and or experiences from past & future lives.Selenite is used to strengthen the memory &can evokeprotectionfrom theangelic realm- alsodispelling negative energy.The powerful energies of selenite helpconnectwith one's guides, guardians &higher consciousness- simply hold or place selenite around a person to facilitate such a connection.

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