Vintage 1920's Christmas Postcard Posted Used Once Cent Colored For Sale

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Vintage 1920's Christmas Postcard Posted Used Once Cent Colored :

Just in time for the holiday season... This beautiful vintage Christmas postcard sends those best wishes and Christmas Joy. VERY GOOD CONDITION Card is written on and postal cancelled. Once cent stamp Gibson Lines Postcard. _____________________________ I am not a professional postcard grader. Grading is based upon the guide below. Please zoom in and view photograph to see condition gradients . (postcard condition/grading guide used in evaluating condition of card. Guide from Warwick & Warwick)The following are commonly used postcard grading terms, accepted by dealers and collectors alike, that are used to described the condition of old, antique and vintage items:Mint: A perfect card which is just as it was when it was issued. As new, unposted and in a pristine state, without bends, creases, writing or postmarks. A clean and fresh card with sharp corners, seldom seen and a description which is not normally applicable to vintage cards.Near Mint: Like Mint, but showing some very slight aging or discolouration - probably from being in an album or other unprotected storage format. Otherwise, still a clean and perfect card.Excellent (Ex): A postcard without obvious flaws and similar to Mint in appearance, without bends, creases or pinholes. It may be postally used or unused, but the corners of the card are square, not rounded or blunt. A clean, fresh card on the picture side, it may have writing and/or a postmark on the address side only, which does not detract from its appearance. When viewed at an angle or under strong light, it may show some signs of aging, a lightening of colour or the hint of album marks. In terms of pricing, this is usually considered as the baseline condition.Very Good: Like an Excellent postcard but the corners may be slightly rounded and a few almost undetectable creases may be present. A very collectable postcard with a fine appearance, which may have writing and/or a postmark on the address side. If it is an early undivided back postcard, writing may appear on the front. The card may also have minor defects (such as album marks, signs of age and handling) but should show little or no discolouration. Most collectible cards are in this Very Good condition and should be worth about 20-25% less than an Excellent postcard.Good: A postcard which has corners that are noticeably blunt or rounded with slight bends or creases, still collectable even if the condition is less than Very Good. Used or unused and showing noticeable defects (like handling or wear), it may have slight creasing and minor postal damage but this will not be detrimental to the overall appearance. The card may have writing and/or postmarks on the front or back (address) side or other noticeable album marks or discolouration. A postcard in this condition may be worth 40-50% less than one which is classed as being in Excellent condition.Fair: A postcard which is intact but with writing or a heavy postmark cancellation which affects the picture and spoils its appearance. It may have noticeably rounded corners and some creasing or edge damage, but it is still in a collectable state. The value would depend on rarity, but cards in this condition would not appeal to all collectors.Poor (P): An incomplete postcard which shows an image that has been seriously affected. Classed as a space-filler and worth very All reasonable BUY IT NOW offers considered. For buyer and seller privacy, all items are listed as private. Only people knowing you're buying or offerding on an item, is me and you... Your purchases are safe with me, so shop till your heart's' content. (S a f e S p a c e) All items are sold as-is/as-found. Please ask all questions before offerding and/or buying. Information above is considered a full description of item. All sales are final and returns are not accepted.

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C.1910s  Hand Tinted Rppc. Beautiful Woman. French Language. Man. Mandolin. Vtg picture
C.1910s Hand Tinted Rppc. Beautiful Woman. French Language. Man. Mandolin. Vtg

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