Siemens Symphony 1.5 Tesla MRI For Sale

Siemens Symphony 1.5 Tesla MRI

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Siemens Symphony 1.5 Tesla MRI:

Siemens Symphony 1.5 Tesla Referral MRI.
We can upgrade to 8 channel  for extra cost
Condition is Seller refurbished.
Included: Complete shielded room installation with RF door, RF window, shielded vents and RF certification.
Includes coils.

This is a turn key installation from one of the oldest and most expert Siemens MRI & CT company in the USA.
This price includes transportation installation and fine tuning, as well as hardware warranty for 30 days.
It might cost a little extra based on location in the USA and the size of the RF room.

Service contract available.
We are in Orange County California South of Los Angeles.

We can provide this extremely competitive price because we do everything in-house, and we carry all parts for the Siemens family of MRI and CT scanners

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