Sand from USMC February 19, 1945 Iwo Jima, Japan Landing Beaches Map WWII Art For Sale

Sand from USMC February 19, 1945 Iwo Jima, Japan Landing Beaches Map WWII Art

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Sand from USMC February 19, 1945 Iwo Jima, Japan Landing Beaches Map WWII Art:

Where was the sand * collected from for the Iwo Jima Landing Plan plaque?

This sand* was collected from the February 19, 1945 UnitedStates Marine Corps Landing Beaches, Iwo Jima, Japan — Green, Red 1, Red 2,Yellow 1, Yellow 2, Blue 1 & from the top of Mount Suribachi.

What!? You have a newplaque? When did this happen?

Yes, finally we have a new plaque. The Iwo Landing Plan Plaque has beenrequested almost since the day we started in January 2015. The initial thought process started in June2016 but did not really get off the ground until the following year. The Iwo Jima assault by the United StatesMarines was studied and researched extensively over the next two years. The plaque was created, designed, tested andprepared for production. The only thingholding up the plaque was the sand, * and that problem was solved on March 23,2019.

Why does the sand in your first two plaques look so muchdifferent from each landing beach?

Beaches come in many colors: white, black, tan, yellow, red,and more. The geology of the surrounding area determines the color of thoserocks. This determines what material is available for a beach. The colors arefrom the different rocks and minerals that make up the sand. The color of thesand on any particular beach usually reflects the surrounding landscape and themakeup of the adjoining ocean floor.

Will you have a limited number of your Iwo Jima Plaquesavailable?

Possibly. Iwo Jima isnot the easiest place in the world to get to.Ito Jima (as it is now known) in all respects does not exist except as aJapanese Military Base.

Do you have any licenses to sell your plaques?

I am licensed as a retail vendor in South Carolina and havetransient vendor licenses for other states I might offer our plaques inperson. We have a license from the USMCand I am an Official Hobbyist of the USMC: License number 19329.

I have heard that you can find bits of shrapnel in thesand. Is that true?

Amazingly enough, you can.It does appear that you can find iron/steel in the Normandy sand. We initially were able to locate the shrapnelin the sand from Omaha Beach so far, though research indicates it is possibleto find it in all the invasion beaches.Some research indicates that up to 4% of the makeup of the sand isshrapnel. When you get your plaque,place a strong magnet over the vial of Omaha Beach sand and you might be ableto attract very, very small particles to the magnet. All the sand from Omaha that we have testedto date has shown this to be true. Wenow have just found pieces of shrapnel in the Utah and Gold sand also!! Good luck!!!!Surprisingly enough to us, we have found iron/steel in all the otherbeach sand except Fedala to this point.

What about finding bits of shrapnel in the sand* from IwoJima?

The sand* from Iwo Jima is “exploding" withshrapnel. Without pursuing any research,the 4% figure from Omaha will pale compared to Iwo Jima. The Iwo Jima landing beaches were a verysmall target for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of rounds from theUnited States Navy and the Imperial Japanese defenders.

How much sand* is in each vial of your Iwo plaque?

Each vial contains 1/2 dram, or approximately 1/16th of anounce of sand. *

What is the size of my plaque?

Each plaque is 9” x 12” and ¾” thick and weighs just over 24ounces.

Will the wood of my plaque look different than the one thatyou show?

Wood is a natural product, and no two plaques will look thesame. Some will be darker, some will be lighter, and some will have a differentwood grain. The plaques we are using are red alder wood.

How can I display my plaque?

The plaque has a keyhole cut out on the back to hang it onthe wall. Another way to display your plaque would be to purchase a smalleasel, or upright plate display stand (remember the plaque weighs over 1 ½pounds). This seems to be the preferredway to display the plaques.

Can I remove the vials from the plaque?

Yes, the vials can be removed with a little bit of effort.They are held in by the friction of the cap against the wood. You can carefully“wiggle” them out and push them back in. Remember, if you take the vials out,you should take out one at a time and replace it before looking at another.They are not marked as to which beach they belong to. You might have a plan tomark them yourselves, so you can replace them in their correct slot. We havefound that a small adhesive label (1/4” x ¾” or smaller) attached to the backof the vial will allow you to write the name of the beach and return it to itscorrect position on the plaque. A label this size cannot be seen from the frontwhen displayed.

My plaque’s vials are upside down and the photographs showthem to be the other way around. Did youassemble them in Australia?

No, they are assembled here in South Carolina. Initially the design was as seen in thephotographs. About three years ago,whether by act or accident, the vials were placed in a plaque upside down. The reaction from our focus groups andcustomers was amazingly positive. Theplacement of the vials now make it appear even more like a monument with a baseunder the sand. The plaques will all be made like this from now on. If you were an early customer and want toorder the other plaque with the vials to match up, let us know and we will makea special order for you. Sometime soonour website photos will be updated.

When can I expect to get my plaque?

Because of the demand for the collector plaques, we areanticipating delivery to you could take up to two weeks, however the shippingdates currently are about three days from your order date. They are being processed on a first come,first served basis. We hope to speed that up shortly as we catch up with theorders. If you should need a faster delivery for a special occasion or gift,please use our “Contact Us" page and we will see what we can do to expediteyour order.

What is a certificate of authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity (COA) is commonly a seal onpaper authenticating a specific art work which and is made to demonstrate thatthe item is authentic. COAs are mostly common in the art world. A valid COA foran artwork will include specific details about the artwork like when and how itwas produced, the names of people involved in the artwork’s production, thework’s exact title, and the names of reference.

Your COA will be printed, signed and notarized as to thecollection, location, and provenance of the sand from the invasion beaches ofNormandy and/or the European Theater of Operation, as well as the sand* fromthe Iwo Jima Landing Beaches.

It can’t be my eyes, but I keep seeing the " * "character when you mention sand* from the Iwo Jima Landing Plan plaque. Am I missing something?

Yes. This black“sand" is not the typical sand people associate when they think of beachsand. The black “sand" from IwoJima is unique to volcanic islands. The“sand" forms when hot lava contacts the much cooler sea water causing aviolent, explosive interaction. Thisinteraction causes the lava, in this case basalt, to shatter into millions andmillions of fragments, and produces this volcanic ash. The basaltic glass grains feel very sharp andunlike any beach sand* that most people experience.

Is there a copyright on the plaques?

A copyright has been issued on our newIwo Jima Landing Plan Plaque.

I read somewhere that you donate a portion of your proceedsto a couple of 501(c)(3) foundations. Isthat true?

A portion of your purchase price is donated to the NationalD-Day Memorial, Bedford, VA when you purchase either of our first two plaques.

A portion of your purchase price for our Iwo Jima LandingPlan plaque will be donated to the Iwo Jima Association of American (IJAA) inhonor of all those members of the United States Marine Corps who served in thisinvasion and battle in the Pacific Ocean.

Have you received any response on your plaque?

  • Thank you for your dedication to preserving WWII history! I have been collecting ever since a B-24 belly gunner gave me a silk flight map of Italy that he flew with on his 53 combat missions from his base in Italy. I was nine years old. My father is a former Marine and my wife’s grandfather fought with the 28th at Iwo – so this is a present to her for Christmas and to preserve HIS story! He never spoke to his daughter (my mother-in-law) about Iwo, and just some to her brother. Thank you!
  • Thank you for the plaques that I did receive yesterday. I was directed to you from a card that was in a plaque that my daughter purchased for me at a military show this past spring in eastern Pa. I really like the piece and thought it would look nice with your other two plaques. I am somewhat of an American military history buff and really like the plaques. Thank you for the discount and appreciate your prompt turn-around time. I certainly will let people know where I purchased them in hopes that it will get the word out about your items.Please let me know if I can be of any more help –
  • I have been to your site many times, but I originally found it in WWII Magazine that I subscribe too. Your plaques are amazing.
  • Very well done.
  • Thanks for supplying these memorial plaques.
  • It is a retirement gift for my husband. He loves the other two. I’m sure he will appreciate this one as well.
  • I have other collectibles with Iwo Jima sand, but this one is by far the BEST! It’s a great design with the island and having the sand from each landing beach and Mount Suribachi. Well worth the money. The item comes very well packaged and you’ll get it FAST. You can’t go wrong. I recommend buying this if you are an Iwo Jima collector.

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