RESHAKE 18 Gauge 6 Conductor Wire, 16.4FT 18/6 Tinned Copper 6 Wire Cable, Stran For Sale

RESHAKE 18 Gauge 6 Conductor Wire, 16.4FT 18/6 Tinned Copper 6 Wire Cable, Stran
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RESHAKE 18 Gauge 6 Conductor Wire, 16.4FT 18/6 Tinned Copper 6 Wire Cable, Stran:

RESHAKE 18 Gauge 6 Conductor Wire, 16.4FT 18/6 Tinned Copper 6 Wire Cable, Stranded Electrical Wires for Automotive, Security Cameras, Alarm, Audio, Sensors, Garage Door, Bell Wire

  • 【Specification】18 Gauge 6 conductor wire(Black & Red & Yellow & White & Orange). Black PVC Jacket. 16.4ft/5M. Max input voltage: 300V(also can for 5V/12V/24V). Max current: 7.5A. Rated working temperature from -20℃/-4℉ to 80℃/176℉. Material:PVC+Tinned Copper.Flame retardant:VW-1 and FT1.
  • 【Tinned Copper Electrical 6 Wire Cable】The RESHAKE 18 awg 6 conductor electrical wirs is 16.4ft/5 meters long; They consist of 204 strands of tinned copper conductors with a diameter of 0.16 mm twisted.Tinned copper wire has the characteristics of soft material and good conductivity. Compared with ordinary copper wire, the tin coating not only improves electrical conductivity, but also provides excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance, which greatly extends the service life of the wire.
  • 【PVC Insulated Jacket】RESHAKE 18 awg 6 conductor wire is made of high quality PVC material as insulation sheath. PVC jacket provides its high flexibility and its resistance oil, solvents, seawater and other chemicals. It has the advantages of flame retardant, high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion performance, etc. It can be buried directly or exposed to the sun for a long time.
  • 【Easy to Strip and Solder】 Insulated jacket and low eccentricity enhance safety and make it less likely to cut the conductor when stripping the wire. Made of high quality tinned copper,the tin coating won't melt and retract down the wire when soldered like many others, making it easier to solder.flexible in connection.RESHAKE Tinned copper wire is flexible in connection during use.
  • 【Wide Range of Uses】The electric wire is widely used for low voltage and low current applications, such as small electronic devices, electronic toys, irrigation, control panels, automotive electronics, security, speaker cable,audio power,sensors, garage door, bell wire,relays, safety alarm equipment car,lamps,household appliances,electric heating appliances,model planes,model cars,model ships, sprinkler, instruments,motor lead wire,digital fields,RGB led light strip and and inverter wiring etc.
  • 【Quality Guarantee】RESHAKE will serve every one of our customers with exquisite craftsmanship and trustworthy quality. Your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.RESHAKE offer a 2-year and 30-day unconditional returns.

Product Description RESHAKE 18 AWG 6 Conductor Tinned Copper Wire

RESHAKE 18 AWG (U.S. Gauge) 6 conductor wire offers the following advantages:

  • Premium tinned oxygen-free copper conductors: Tinned copper wire refers to wire with a tin layer on the surface of copper wire, which is corrosion-resistant, easy to solder, has high electrical conductivity, reduces heat, and prevents oxidation.
  • Low Eccentricity: Advanced production equipment and strict production process produce wires with uniform insulation layer thickness. Avoid safety accidents caused by current breakdown.
  • Multi conductor in one wires: Multi-conductor wires, where multiple cores are wrapped in the same sheath, reduce the risk of wire damage and make them easier to maintain and replace. All-in-one wire offers advantages in wiring, maintenance, interference resistance and safety.
  • Premium PVC material: Insulation sheath made of high quality PVC material, waterproof, corrosion resistant, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, good flexibility. Flame retardant grade up to VW-1 and FT1, no open flame can be self-extinguishing, to ensure the safety of electricity.
Why choose RESHAKE 18 gauge 6 wire cable?
  • Superior quality: 99.9% oxygen-free copper surface tinned as the conductor is selected. The tinned coating prevents the copper wire from oxidation and corrosion when in contact with the outside world, providing additional protection and extending the life of the wire to ensure stable signal transmission.
  • Good electrical performance: Using high quality copper materials and manufacturing process, RESHAKE 18 AWG 5 core tinned copper wire has good electrical performance, including low resistance, low voltage drop, low noise and other characteristics to keep the stability and reliability of signal transmission.
  • Flexibility: 18 AWG wire is moderately sized to meet certain current transmission requirements, yet relatively flexible for easy installation and wiring, adapting to different application scenarios and installation needs.
  • Multi-signal transmission: The 5-core design provides multiple independent signal transmission channels for applications that require simultaneous transmission of multiple signals or control lines, reducing the number of cables and wiring complexity.

Temperature resistance range

The temperature resistance range is -20°F to 176°F, which does not affect its electrical conductivity whether it is a cold winter or a hot summer.

  • Flame retardant:VW-1 and FT1
Why choose tinned copper as conductor?
  • Good solderability: The low melting point of the tinned layer makes it easy to solder and connect, improving the efficiency and quality of the wire installation.
  • High electrical conductivity: Copper is an excellent conductive material, and the electrical conductivity of tin is also relatively high, so the electrical conductivity of tinned copper wire is also very high.
  • Reduce heat:Tin plating layer can reduce the resistance change of the wire due to temperature increase, thus ensuring the stable work of the wire and reducing the equipment failure rate.
  • Long lifespan:Tin coating prevents copper wires from oxidizing/corrosion upon contact with the external environment, leading to increased resistance and unstable current, thus extending wire lifespan.
WaterProof Low Voltage Wire Direct Burial Good Flexibility and Easy to Bend 18 AWG 5 conductor tinned copper wire is commonly used in a variety of electronic devices and applications.
  • Automative control systems: such as industrial automation control systems, automated production lines, robot control, etc.
  • Industrial control systems: such as factory automation, production equipment control, monitoring systems, etc.
  • Communication systems: such as network equipment, communication transmission lines, data centers, etc.
  • Power equipment: such as power tools, electric motors, generators, etc.
  • Lighting system: such as LED lights, fluorescent lights, stage lighting, etc.
  • Home intelligence: such as smart home system, home appliance control, security system, doorbell, garage door, alarms, sensor wire, access control systems, etc.
  • Audio equipment: such as audio, speakers, audio transmission lines, etc.
  • These scenarios usually require high cable quality and signal transmission stability, especially in the presence of corrosive and oxidizing environments or long-term use, 18 AWG 5 core tinned copper wire can provide better durability and reliability. When selecting wire, the need for tinned copper wire needs to be determined by the specific application requirements and equipment specifications.
Length 15M/49.2FT 20M/65.6FT 15M/49.2FT 20M/65.6FT 15M/49.2FT 20M/65.6FT Voltage 0-300V 0-300V 0-300V 0-300V 0-300V 0-300V Max Current 7.5A 7A 5.5A 5A 11A 10A Number of Conductors 3 Conductor 2 Conductor 3 Conductor 2 Conductor 3 Conductor 2 Conductor Outside Diameter 6.1±0.2 mm 5.5±0.2 mm 5.7±0.2 mm 4.8±0.2 mm 6.9±0.2 mm 6.2±0.2 mm

5.5 inches x 6.0 inches x 1.8 inches. Weight: 1.0 lb

Color 18 AWG Brand RESHAKE Case Material Polyvinyl Connector Gender Male-to-Female Package Dimensions 6 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches; 1 Pounds Input Current 7.5 Amps Size 18 AWG

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